Monday, 30 June 2014

June 2014 Lust Have It Womens Box

Last day of the month and my box has finally arrived. After that wait and last month’s fabulous box I’m a little underwhelmed.

This is the June Lust Have It (LHI) Womens subscription box. The Womens box is the flagship of this brand each month; you get 5+ beauty products to try, mainly samples and some full size. I pay $19.95 per month, but there are other payment options. Find out more at Lust Have It.

Once again LHI is a bit late. I’ve only seen people beginning to get them today so a lot of people won’t get it until next month. I theorize that this may have to do with an overload of FAB box orders and the quarterly ECO box. LHI has returned to the plastic makeup case mailed in a postage pouch this month. Since this has no added protection I predict damaged products for some people, but so far I’ve not had any problems. This makeup case isn’t the best quality but not the worst either. We also got a voucher for Hello Fresh box,I'm sure this voucher was in a previous box and wasn't really worth much.

The front of this month’s info card has a discount code to get $20 of a $120 brush set. This is the same set that you could have gotten with an annual subscription this month. I’m not likely to buy these but I would love to hear about the quality from anyone who has gets them. On to the products!


Monday, 23 June 2014

June FAB Box by Lust Have It

Second subscription box to arrive this month is my Fashion and Beauty (FAB) box from Lust have it (LHI). In this box you get 5+ beauty products and accessories each month, from what I’ve seen the beauty products tend to be full size. For this box there are several subscriptions choices: introduction bundle, monthly, quarterly box, annual subscription. I have the monthly subscription at $35 per a month. It seems that there is only one variation of the FAB box each month, though sometimes product colours differ. Find out more at Lust Have It.

From what I understand the rational behind the FAB box is to get a range of on tread products that have been coordinated to go together

Over the next month there is apparently an Instagram photo contest where subscribes can enter by uploading a photo wearing Fab products. Doesn’t say whether is has to be from this box or not. Either way I’m not likely to enter.

Here is this months product card.

Friday, 20 June 2014

June Bellabox

Hiya All!

Yesterday my June Bella box arrived. I just love receiving my subscription boxes.
Fore those who don’t know; Bellabox is an Australian monthly beauty subscription, available from Bellabox. It costs $15 a month and you receive 5+ beauty products mailed to your house. 

This boxes theme is “Iconic Beauty.” Thought, to be truthful I fell that these themes only ever have a tentative link to the products in the boxes. Onto what was in the box.

Priceline Skincare GWP Baggie

Went in to pick up a few products at Priceline today and saw that they had a GWP when you spend over $65 on selected skincare (promotion from June 19 till June 22). Well since some of my purchases fell in to this category I got a few more things (pictured above) to bring up the total and this is what I got (pictured below); A huge selection of skincare and beauty products in a large Silver tote.

As you can see there is a nice variety of skincare products from a variety of brands, as well as a few makeup items, accessories and vouchers. Most of these products are full sized, though there are a few samples too. Though not all of these products are suitable for me I will have no problem re-homing them.
Stay tuned for reviews on select products from this goodie bag.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

An Introduction

Hiya all and Welcome!
I’m not quite sure where to begin, there is so much that I want to say or feel like I shouldn’t say. I suppose all of that can come latter and for now I’ll just give a mini bio. 

I’m Annie and for some time now I’ve wanted to start a blog to share my thoughts, but I’ve always been a little too self-conscious about what people would think and about my ability to wright. However over the last year I’ve found a lot more confidence in myself and also found a topic I really do what to share about (though I’ll still admit that my literacy skills are still not the best, sorry).

About a year ago I went through a change of style (AKA degothasized) which has lead me to become a lot more aware of my appearance and very interested in hair, makeup and skincare. This process has obviously involved a lot of discovery and learning about the world of beautify; bringing me back to the reason for this blog.

Coming from an education background, I believe that learning is a social activity. With this blog I should be able to incorporate that sociality into this learning experience, as well as having a place to share my new found passion for beauty and other random stuff.

(P.S. Please note that I have not entirely given away my membership card for the alternative fashion fan club, just gone a bit retro.)
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